Britney Swiniuch

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Britney Nicole Swiniuch

Britney Swiniuch

MPS Candidate
Marine Biology & Ecology

Britney Swiniuch is interested in the dynamics of the relationships between humans and their overall impact on coral reef restoration practices and resource management. Her research project is assessing the various types of stakeholder's opinions and perceptions about introducing genetic stock from areas of the world such as the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, and Cuba to Florida in order to increase the genetic diversity and climate change resilience of Acropora palmata, otherwise known as Elkhorn Coral. The end goal of her research is to influence permitting decisions, as well as establish a knowledge base for future coral reef restoration strategies that align with the value, attitudes, and needs of coral stakeholders.

Prior to joining the University of Miami, Britney graduated from the University of Arizona in 2020 with a B.S. in Natural Resources and the Environment, specializing in Conservation Biology and minoring in Marine Science. As an undergraduate, she interned under Dr. Diane Thompson at the Biosphere 2. It was there where she got hands on lab experience sampling the various water systems contributing to maintaining the health of coral species, mangroves, and rainforest biomes housed within the Biosphere 2 mesocosm. Britney also has had many marine field work experiences during her undergraduate and graduate programs that has made her excited about coral restoration and ways that she can contribute to mitigating the negative fate that coral reefs face due to the threat of Climate Change.

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