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Research Opportunities in the Baker Lab

Areas of study: Coral reef biology, ecology and conservation; Molecular marine ecology and systematics, Coral-algal symbiosis 


The Baker lab currently has no open Research Assistantships
for additional graduate students.

Before contacting a potential faculty advisor, it is recommended that prospective students familiarize themselves with recent papers from the lab, and consider which areas they are most interested in contributing to. In the Baker Lab, graduate students and researchers manage individual and group projects, and are supported by a combination of Fellowships, Research and Teaching Assistantships. Most students spend the majority of their time working on lab-based projects that do not involve intensive fieldwork underwater; however, diving certifications are nevertheless recommended. The first 18 months of the graduate program involves a fairly intensive course load, followed by a proposal defense and qualifying exams after two years. Graduation from the Ph.D. program is anticipated by the end of the fifth year. We are looking for highly qualified candidates who are motivated and enthusiastic, with strong backgrounds in biology, ecology, zoology, molecular biology or microbiology. The GRE general test is required, and the Biology Subject test is recommended. Graduate admission is competitive, with entering students reflecting about 10% of the applicant pool in the Division of Marine Biology and Fisheries.

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