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01/10/2023 - The Miami Herald

Can hybrid super reefs defend the coasts? UM leading research for military project

by Nicolas Rivero 

andrew baker lab

The new DARPA-funded X-REEFS project will combine cutting-edge engineering, oceanographic, and biological approaches to develop "hybrid coral reefs" off the coast of Florida, with the goal of enhancing coastal and coral resilience.

Read the full article from The Miami Herald here.

09/25/2022 - CBS News

New innovations attempting to rescue coral reefs

by Anderson Cooper

 coral reef futures

The wind-and-wave simulator at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School can generate the equivalent of a category five hurricane, enabling researchers to test how well different structures and types of coral absorb wave energy and prevent damage on land 

Read the full article from the CBS News here.

09/19/2022 - The Weather Channel

Coral: A Love Story

by Ali VanFleet

 scuba divers on boat

The Weather Channel's Pattrn science reporter Ali VanFleet joined coral researchers at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science in August 2022 to witness coral spawning off Miami.

Watch the full video from The Weather Channel here.

 10/18/2021 - NEWSY

University of Miami Scientists Lead Research to Mitigate Storm Surges

by Lauren Magarino

 andrew baker

Nearly 90% of Florida's coral reef has been decimated over the last 40 years, according to NOAA.

Read the full article from the NEWSY here.

06/01/2021 - NBC 6

University of Miami Scientists Lead Research to Mitigate Storm Surges

by Angie Lassman 

 andrew baker

SEAHIVE is a marine and estuarine shoreline protection system that employs an artificial structure to dissipate wave energy before it makes it to the shoreline.

Read the full article from the NBC 6 News here.

05/24/2021 - Florida News Times

Scientists have succeeded in breeding coral with the goal of disease resistance

by Kate Winslet 

 andrew baker

Liv Williamson, Ph.D. Candidates for the Department of Marine Biology and Ecology carefully tank coral larvae at the Coral Reef Futures Institute at Rosensteel School. Williamson is part of the first effort to breed coral using rescued coral to increase resistance to stone coral tissue loss disease.

Read the full article from the Florida News Times here.


04/16/2020 - NBC 6

NBC6 Climate Check Special 2019

by Kate Winslet 

 andrew baker

Coral segment starts at 13 minutes in. 

As part of the NBC6 Climate Check series of stories regarding our changing climate and environmental issues, we showcase in-depth reporting on the rising threat of killer heat, food sustainability and the meat footprint, coral disease research and rescue efforts, sea level rise adaptation costs, the plastic problem and recyclable utensils, the sargassum invasion on our beaches, and the fight against the shark fin trade. This aired on Christmas Day 2019. No use without permission.

View video here.


06/10/2019 - UM News

Saving Florida's Barrier Reef

by Robert C. Jones JR. 

 andrew baker

Marine biologist Andrew Baker plunges his right hand into the massive saltwater-filled tank and picks up of a softball-sized chunk of grooved brain coral, holding it at eye level to show what a healthy specimen of this particular species looks like.

Read the full article from the University of Miami News here.


03/06/2018 - Miami Herald

Reefs are dying. Miami scientists hope lab-bred ‘super corals’ can help revive them

by Jenny Staletovich


We are thrilled to share that Frost Science Museum's new Inventors Lab, lead by Inventor-in-residence Dr. Rivah Winter and members of the Coral Reef Futures Lab, will be open to the public starting March 10th!

Read the full article from the Miami Herald here.



02/15/2018 - National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

New Committee Announced for Study on Coral Reef Resilience


We are proud to announce that Dr. Andrew Baker has been appointed to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine new committee to conduct a study on Interventions to Increase the Resilience of Coral Reefs.

Read more about the committee here.



01/16/2018 - Coral Reefs 

Effects of thermal stress and nitrate enrichment on the larval performance of two Caribbean reef coralsatcile

Check out our recent publication (led by lab alumn Xaymara Serrano), where we investigated the performance of coral larvae from two Caribbean species under conditions of elevated temperature and/or dissolved inorganic nitrogen. Available now in the journal Coral Reefs!

Read the full publication here.